Posted on: September 28, 2008 10:25 am

Mt Rushmore of Sports! Your opinions?! Vote now!

Ok, I was having a conversation the other day with some friends. I'm SURE someone else has done this on here somewhere, but I'm doing it anyway, perhaps we'll get some interesting results!

Criteria: The athlete must have been an ICON in his/her sport. Being great PHYSICALLY, Dominant amongst his/her peers, and when someone says his/her name, people in far away lands, Siberia, New Zealand, Brazil, even Utah, people know him and assoicate him with a particular sport more than any other. Face of that sport. Perhaps not the greatest stats of all time, but the 1st guy you think of for a great in that sport.

My first choices for the Mt Rushmore of Sports: (Mind you, I, like you, will be heavily influenced by my age and the era I watched sports in)

baseball: Babe Ruth (Obvious choice)

Hockey: Wayne Gretzky (Called the Great One, and he was, plus, Janet Jones is hot!)

Basketball: Michael Jordan

Football: Tough one here, Joe Montana perhaps?

 Soccer: Pele? What's his name from the underwear ads with the wife who's friends with Tom Cruises wife? David Beckham?

Golf: Nicklaus? Can we put Tiger here? Annika Sorenstam?

Steroid use: Barry Bonds (lol, don't get all over me, it's a joke, sort of)

Bowling: Dick Weber?

Martial Arts: Bruce Lee?

Track and Field: Jesse Owens?

Tennis: Martina navratolova? Bjorn Borg? Steffi Graf?

Darts? Polo? Skeet Shooting? Tag? (There was a guy in my 6th grade who may have been the greatest ever at Tag!) Whatever sport you want to add is fine.

Please, give me names, tell me why you think they deserve their face to be etched in stone on the MT RUSHMORE OF SPORTS.

Also, if you have some mad skills at Photo Shop, e-mail me and perhaps when we determine the winners, you could make a picture that looks like Mt Rushmore of sports for ALL TO ENJOY! You could even put yourself on the Mt Rushmore of sports as the Babe Ruth of Photo Shop?!?! lol

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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