Posted on: September 1, 2008 6:47 pm
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Philly at Mets coming up!

Good win today.

Delgado, comeback player of the year?

Ayala? Who? closer? I don't know.

Don't care when they win.

I'm going to the game on Saturday vs the Phils. Should be FUN! I'm going with my family, and with 3 other Philly Phans.

I'm actually buzzing about it, and it's a week off!

Let's Go Mets!


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Posted on: August 31, 2008 1:37 am
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It's official, I think I've lost it.

Mets game tonight. Heilmann in a tie game, Walk, bunt (an out, woo hoo) wild pitch, IBB, IBB, WALK!


I was yelling at the computer. First time i've ever done that. It's not the computers fault.

You COULD blame Manuel for not getting him out.

You COULD blame Heilmann for not doing his job,

You COULD blame the offense for not getting the bullpen a 9 run lead so they could allow 8 runs and still win.

But you can't blame my computer!

If I hurt it's feelings, I'll prolly get a whole bunch of blue-screens-of-death.


Thanks for reading.


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Posted on: August 24, 2008 1:29 am
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My 1st Mets Blog and/or Rant

Ok, my first blog on here, so please forgive me if I rant a bit too much for anyones taste.   I'm a die hard Mets fan, grew up on Long Island, moved out to Philly-land for my work.   Last year was...to say the least...tough.   Many conversations with my Phront running Philly Phans had me shaking my head. I was saying things like: "How can you so COMPLETELY believe you have the better team? look at the standings!" "162 games determines the better team, not 1 4 game series" etc. I had to choke on those words. Choked on them like the Mets did down the stretch.   Listening to a full off season of "The Phillies are SO much better than the Mets, not even close!" comments, and the "So what if you have Santana, they're not THAT much better, he's just replacing Glavine, and he won like 15 games, so how much better do you think you got? you made no other improvements"   Starting the season off pretty much how we finished last year, with the Phils looking like the team to beat (choke, cough....hurts to even TYPE that)   I'm what I like to consider a "realistic optimist" If there's a good side, I'll find it. But for some reason, this season, I've been a tempered pessimist. Constantly thinking "Yeah, we won, but we used 6 pitchers, and got shut out for 8 innings" or "Sure, we won, but so did the Phils and Marlins, and we don't know what we're getting from Ollie Perez tomorrow"   I hate it.   I want to go back to the guy who believed in 1986 that no matter the score, we could come back and win. 3 runs down, bottom of the 8th? We have a chance. 5 runs down early, no worries, we'll chip away and pull out the victory.   Now I keep thinking....3-2 lead in the 7th, starter just got pinch hit for, we're in trouble. Or "this guy is 2-6 with a 6 ERA, how are we getting shut out?" I find myself thinking the team should have done something at the trade deadline, because I don't know if these bench players who are starting are going to last long term down the stretch.   I hope the Mets pull it out and make it to the playoffs. I hope they do well in the playoffs. (My most recent and strongest playoff memories are a walk off walk from Kenny Rogers to lose, a Piazza and Clemens 'stand off' that, I think, showed the Mets and Yankees who was the more classy team (The Mets), but also who wanted it more (The Yankees), and a knee buckling curveball falling in for strike 3 to Beltran (That over shadowed Chavez catch, unfortunately).   Last year, I was denied a new strong playoff memory. Good OR bad.   I know this season they are NOT the best team in the league. The last few seasons I could actually believe they were. This year, I just don't know. Is it last years collapse that's hanging over me clouding my vision as a die hard fan? or is it my "realist" part of me just seeing it how it is, despite my typical blind fandom.   I can't watch many games, can't even hear many, tho I do get WFAN ok in the car. I get to watch stats and simulated ABs on CBSSPORTSLINE when I can, so I don't get a feel for the team like I did when I watched every game for entire summers.   Maybe THAT'S why I can't blindly trust that this team will win the division. I'm just looking at 2 game lead and last years collapse and not putting much stock in being in 1st place.   Maybe all of the above.   However it goes, I'm a Mets fan. Die hard.....died hard last year, resurrected on day 1 of spring training, and praying I don't have to die again.   Thanks for reading.   Feel free to comment.   H

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